Established in 1922, Foredom Electric Co. of Bethel, CT, has maintained continuous manufacturing operations in Connecticut since 1955. Foredom is the leading manufacturer of flexible shaft rotary power tools in the world. From its flagship line of flexible shaft machines, to specialized motors, handpieces, attachments, and accessories, Foredom tools set the standard for quality, power and performance.

Foredom tools are manufactured to industrial standards and you can expect many years of satisfied use, some customers even report that they last for decades! Quality, versatility, reliability, and affordability– key features that make Foredom the ideal choice for grinding, deburring, carving, sanding, cleaning, buffing and polishing on virtually every type of material




Foredom power rotary tools are used by jewelers, machine shop operators, mold and die makers, woodcarvers, luthiers, designers, custom fabricators of all kinds (e.g. prosthetics, hearing aids, etc.), dental and optical lab technicians, conservators, artisans and hobbyists. Foredom rotary tools are also used by leading scientific research, engineering, defense, military, aviation, and other high-tech businesses and institutions.

Rotary tools are used for deburring, drilling, grinding, sanding, smoothing, contouring, honing, filing, routing, carving, polishing, and finishing on virtually any material including: metal, wood, glass, stone, silicone, acrylic, resins, plastics and composites



Our mission is to offer the best quality and selection of accessories for accomplishing what you do best— whether you’re a jeweler, woodcarver, machine shop operator, custom manufacturer, fabricator, research scientist, lab technician, conservator, display designer, sculptor, artisan, crafter or home shop enthusiast.
We have a vast selection of items in different sizes, shapes and grits. Since quality is key, the majority of our accessories are made in the USA, and nearly all of the rest come from Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium.